I feel like I should be doing a helluva lot more with my down time. I see all these friends and family and people making amazing summer plans like vacations, homeschooling, marathoning, home organizing, life conquering, domestic challenge go getters and i’m like, “Did you see the last episode of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’?” (it’s a 2hr show!)

w-aw w-aw waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw

I do not have hobbies. My hobby is to try and live in a peaceful moment after the kids are in bed. I consciously try and replenish adult brain cells in my down time. During the summer this is extremely hard to do because both children, both little blessings, both little creatures are with me from the time I wake up until about 8:30/9/10 depending on when i’ve successfully threatened my oldest to stay in his room.

Then what?! If my husband is traveling, I have open options. Knit? Decoupage? crochet? Pluck? Bedazzle? Easy Bake?

I just have no idea. I don’t have the mental capacity for anything more than snacking and visibly uploading nonsense information into my brain. Thrilling companion, aren’t I? I feel this is beginning to affect my relationships. Whenever there’s a shift in a friendship, I automatically believe I did something wrong. Im not comfortable with my insecurity, but there it is.

Sitting at the computer doesn’t really appeal to me. Walking on the treadmill SHOULD appeal to my ass, but it doesn’t.

Writing is very enjoyable, sometimes even mood-altering, but I have to have a firm topic. I have to be interested and have something to say in order for it to work.

I feel like i’m in a rut that isn’t changing anytime soon, but I would like to find something I can focus on that would help/entertain/inspire my mind when it’s not being commanded by miniature DNA replicas.

Any ideas? How do you spend your consecutive down time? Enlighten me, please!

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