Ode to Quiet Time

I love quiet time. I love it for me, and I love it for my kids. I have never been good at running on a schedule, and have managed to have a pretty sane summer up until August. I had to finally start incorporating some Quiet Time into our days, and it is such a peaceful Oasis in the middle of a seemingly endless day.

Here are some reasons for why I love Quiet Time;

1. It’s actually quiet for a minimum of 30 minutes in my house at least once during the day

2. I can finally use the bathroom by myself

3. I can hear my own thoughts

4. I can choose to pick shit up off the floor, or walk right passed it. No one is watching me, so it doesn’t matter

5. I can make one phone call. Like prison, there is only time for one

6. If I waste my time use that time for a call, it better be the most important phone call ever

7. I can eat whatever I want without sharing or caring

8. I can read a page/chapter/sentence only one time. I do not need to re-read anything!

9. If this time is wasted used for domestic duties, they get done so much faster! But I rarely waste the opportunity on such frivolous things. .. perhaps that’s why my house looks as it does

10. I have an opportunity for a solid 10 minute power nap! But it seems to me when I attempt this, the kids materialize so much faster, and louder, and I may not always meet this with open arms and smiles

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