4K ?!

My site hit 4,000 views today! And i’m fairly certain at least 1,000 are not my own views. I’d like to give credit where it’s due for all of my posts that have received so many readers – and a painful few commenters:

1. My children. The crazy to which you drive me is boundless.

2. My husband. Your constant traveling and forcing me to deal with our offspring without a someone to tag in forces me to find my limits … and possibly an attorney

3. My fat. Self-reflection is a rare commodity, but you are the reason for most of it

4. Moving. While hopefully finished with this past time of our family’s, it has been the subject of quite a few entries and worries

5. Family. Mine is loud, annoying, prescription-inducing, joyful, loving, funny, and all mine. Fodder for what hopefully translates into a chuckle or two for those who are gracious enough to stop by and read a spell.


Here’s to many many many more posts, views, and hopefully shares and comments! CHEERS!!

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