Looking Forward To …

All the things! Namely:


HOT coffee any time during the day!
Back To School Cocktails

New sitcoms šŸ™‚

All the Pumpkin flavored things!!
Something/anything i’ve baked in the oven

I thought i’d take a break from the school year anticipation and look forward to all the cold weather fall things that I miss. Northwest Summers are beautiful, but non air conditioned summers are not my bag. I want to have my windows cracked, not wide open with fans all over the house. I want to have a blustery wind blow through the front door when someone comes in… not just sweat. I’m looking forward to my kids taking off their helmets and NOT having to mop sweat off their heads. Bike riding and playing in jeans and pants so my daughter can finally start growing the skin over her knees again.


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