Well, one week and a day, but who’s counting?

The school year is so close, I can smell the sharpened pencils and stale forgotten lunch leftovers. I’m having a panicky feeling like I have to suddenly cram some family time in this week. We need to go to Great Wolf Lodge and do a day trip and hit the beach and drive to an island and clean the house and do the laundry and fill out the prep workbook and and and and and …. find that tree that grows money for all of this to be possible. I hear it’s in the grove of Sanity Trees. You can pick extra brain cells right from the branches!

In reality, we will probably finally complete the hike up laundry mountain, and if we are lucky, get it all put away. Beyond that, I really have no idea… maybe play outside.

At the end of the summer I feel a false adrenaline rush at the thought of my son being in school in a week, and my daughter in school (for the first time) three days a week for 2 hours/day, and the simultaneous exhaustion from having both kids with me all summer.

I imagine all of my friends on these family excursions, camping trips, bonding experiences and here I am … at home, snacking, flipping through my DVR list, berating myself for not having done more.

Does the guilt ever end?! Is there a mom out there that says at the end of every day, “Damn, that was a wonderful day, and I did a fabulous job. Go me!” ? If there is , i hope she doesn’t live in my neighborhood.

I will put a positive spin on it and instead of feeling like I should be doing ALL THE THINGS, I will try and hug and kiss my kids and find things around this house that are fulfilling to do and help the days fly by.

I can’t wait to feel like summer flew by and I should be Christmas shopping 🙂


2 thoughts on “ONE MORE WEEK!

  1. You have captured that panicky ‘end of the summer holidays I haven’t done enough with my children I am a crap mum’ feeling beautifully. Guilt, walks with us always, stupid guilt.


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