Happy Labor Day

This labor day, I will reflect on the fact that labor was the easiest day with my oldest child. 7 hours of labor without drugs until the glorious shot of spinal drugs at 9.5 cm. Screaming into the face of my steadfast husband as my uterus contracted and my cervix opened up to spit this little piece of work into the world was the easiest day in comparison to this evening.

I know that is not what labor day is really about, but for me, right at this moment, it is. As i come down from an adrenaline rush of 45 minutes with an 8 year old tantrum involving lanky leg kicking and arm swinging. Brace-lined teeth sneering and growling. High pitched squealing and crying and yelling.

Momma needs an IV cocktail.

At least my husband was here to tag team in on this one. The last one did not go nearly so well.

Aren’t new school years FUN ?!!?! For parents out there with sensitive and emotional kids who cannot process the complexity of life sometimes, you will understand this rant of mine more than others. For those of you out there simply scratching your head or wondering, “Jeez lady, how hard can it be? Just discipline the kid” or “One weekend at my house and he’d be set straight!” I can tell you with all the confidence I can muster, “Ha.” .  “Ha” with a side of “Why didn’t I think of that?” because I have. In abundance. There are just some personalities and some tweaking that you simply have no control over.

There’s something they leave out of the brochures! Control over your children is not a guarantee. Control over surroundings, circumstances, consequences, rules, schedules yes. Control over your child’s emotions and reactions and logic? No. You can set them up for success all you want, but if they refuse to abide by it regardless of consequences and instead allow their emotions and impulses to make their choices because they have not yet mastered the sticky and tricky process of managing feelings and processing emotions, you are left with one very exceedingly frustrating situation.

The day started well enough, but admittedly became a very long and exhausting day involving a lot of travel and patience. This coupled with a looming new school year at the third elementary school between Kindergarten and now 3rd grade is apparently a lot for my son to handle in his own head. If he wasn’t such a punk about it all i’d feel sorry for him!









One More Day !!!!

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