Whale Tales cont.

As we approach the island on the ferry, I notice how dark it all is. The water, the island, all of it. Now we get to find our “cottage” in pitch black middle of the night. Truthfully, I’m so tired right now I can’t even remember getting to it. I think we actually managed a […]

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A Whale of a Tale

Last weekend was my birthday. My husband wanted to know what I wanted and if I were an easy wife I would have just said “Jewelry”. But nooOOOOoo I had to go and declare that I wanted time and not things. Boy did I get it !! I have always wanted to go whale watching. […]

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At What Point?

At what point to I begin to change things? Hopefully this is it. Small changes, right? My last Costco run included a fat bunch of bananas – which I am allergic to – a big box of plums and a flat of pears. I actually have reached for fruit the past few days when i’ve […]

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Please Remain Calm, Goddamnit!

Fall is in full swing here in the gorgeous Northwest. And by “full swing” I mean the spiders are all out and fully swinging on their webs. Spiders are possibly the one single thing I hate about this state. If they stayed normal California size, it wouldn’t be an issue. However, it’s like they all […]

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Jack and Splinters

Sunday, bloody Sunday. Today was a pretty decent day. My husband took our son for a long bike ride. The Kid’s first on his new mountain bike. For a first ride, he did just shy of 10 miles! My hubby says he never once had to get off the bike and shame-walk it like I […]

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Trying to Chug Along

So the god blessed school year has begun This school year has thrown me slightly for a loop because my daughter is also now a student. A preschool kiddo. I’ve gone from occupying our home time with Pinteresty things, and sometimes TV things and DVR things and computer things to scheduling conflicts and juggling. And […]

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A short list of things my husband missed while away on business and why my husband needs to go Super Wife shopping when he gets back: 1. 3rd Grade started 2. 3 year old started pre school 3. 3 year old turned 4 (birthday gift shopping, cake making, party planning, preschool bday snack prep, wrapping, […]

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She’s 4!

My youngest is 4! We celebrated with a pancake breakfast party to start the day off right. Presents and pancakes surrounded by balloons and black and white print outs of free Peppa Pig pages. We are livin’ large, folks. Seriously, though, the whole time I was decorating with the home-grown flare, I was asking myself […]

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My Girl

Talkin’ ’bout … my gi-i-irl. MY GIRL! The joy of a child who enjoys pre school is so humbling. My first kid was the leg clinger, the teary screamer. My second is the happy-to-be-anywhere girl. Drop off is a breeze. Pick up is heart-filling. The first day of school pick up was so special. I […]

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