On the 8th Day…

God created 3rd grade.

WE MADE IT!!!!!! We survived a whole summer home without summer school or vacation or distraction but for one glorious early summer week of YMCA camp. My son has celebrated the impending arrival of the first day of school by having a giant fit one day of the past two weekends. And now we are finally just here. No more anxiety about “what if what if what if”, just “now what”. I can deal with that. … you know why ??? Because regardless of what happens the night before, he will be in school the day after!

That’s right. Am I a terrible mom because this is the happiest day of the year? Too bad. Put me in the cell alongside all the other ear-to-ear-grinning moms in the grocery store and Target. All the care free parents who are perusing and shopping and lollygagging without the sounds of sibling bickering and arguing and talking back. All the bored and whiny requests demands. All the “what are we doing next?”s and all the frigging dirty dishes. Holy shit, the dishes! I have detected the cause for all the droughts. Summers filled with children at home drinking and eating and snacking and picking and nibbling and munching. And using one dish for each task.


… until he brings home the beginning of the year cold, that is. Which also will be bearable for one simple reason; At the end of it (say it together now)  he goes back to school !!

Meanwhile, my daughter and I are in summer detox for a week until she starts school.

summer detox
summer detox













She is ridding her body of the shoving and kicking and yelling of the past 90 days while I allow my hearing to repair itself. Her brain is growing and connecting around the fact that she gets her little world back for part of the day and I get to clean things and put things away without interruption and sibling managing and entertaining.

All is right with the world again, people, and it is GLOOOOOOORIOUS! Glorious, I tell you. And this week will be filled with all sorts of lazing about at home and popcorn chomping and movie watching and possible mani/pedis until the painful reality of my baby starting pre school hits me square in the forehead. My little partner in crime starts school for the first time next week.

But even then, i’m a little more excited than I am sad and anxious. I will take that as a win on my part!

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