My Girl

Talkin’ ’bout … my gi-i-irl. MY GIRL!

The joy of a child who enjoys pre school is so humbling. My first kid was the leg clinger, the teary screamer. My second is the happy-to-be-anywhere girl. Drop off is a breeze. Pick up is heart-filling. The first day of school pick up was so special. I stood in the throng of all the newly freed moms and waited for my little cherub to show her face. She ran open-armed straight for me screaming, “Mommeeeee!!!!” and jumped into my arms for the biggest hug ever. I picked her up and saw her flushed face and teary eyes and asked what was wrong. “Nothing, mommy, i’m just so happy!!”

So much good in one little girl is totally not fair to the rest of the world, but let me just tell you all something. I did my time with my first, and this child is all reward.

And no, i’m not ashamed to say it!

I did five months with my son screaming and crying day in and day out at drop off, back in the old days. The days before I was a stay at home mom. The days when I worked and signed my checks over to the school and the babysitter. I drove to work every day for five months with that sound ringing in my ears of a heart-broken child screaming for me. The image of his little teary faced on the other side of the glass. I chanted to myself, “He’s totally fine once I leave. He’s fine. It’s only bad when he can see me.”

But knowing it wasn’t true.

Now, though, I can enjoy and appreciate the simple joy of an easy drop off and pick up with nothing but smiles and excitement. I’m over the moon with appreciation, for the record.

And now, I am making a healthy hot dog and goldfish lunch for my kid to continue the good vibes.

first day of school
first day of school


Here is my daughter on day 1 of preschool, complete with sequined skirt (which she tried to wear again today, cowGIRL boots, and spiderman backpack. I don’t know what outfit is complete without the spiderman backpack.

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