Trying to Chug Along

So the god blessed school year has begun

This school year has thrown me slightly for a loop because my daughter is also now a student. A preschool kiddo. I’ve gone from occupying our home time with Pinteresty things, and sometimes TV things and DVR things and computer things to scheduling conflicts and juggling. And I only have 2. I imagine Siri was invented for moms with 3+ children.

Anyhoo, i’ve begun the mad dash for extra curricular sign ups. Holy Cheese, it’s complicated! It seems as if everything has been slated for either the only time my kid is in preschool, or two minutes after my son exits his school building. This will not make for a safe exit from the congested and sluggish school zone speed limit. I ride that 20mph on my speedometer like white on rice, baby. If I thought my van was a goldfish graveyard before, it’s about to get all pantry-crumb ish in my car now. All the immediate snacking and scarfing before the next activity will be dizzying.

But that’s ok, because they will be more well-rounded children because of all of it, right ??? RIGHT??? RIIIIIGHT???? I’m paying someone else to train my kids how to have fun in a safe environment.

So my daughter is signed up for gymnastics. I feel we failed to complete proper swim lessons, so screw it. Now we’re going for safe tumbling. i.e. learning how not to injure yourself should you fall or get tripped by your brother/on the playground/at school. “Tuck and roll!”

I can’t figure out if i’m more excited for her to have fun, or to go leotard shopping. My son was in gymnastics when he was 5 and i would marvel at the shellacked ponytails in the other classes. Now I guess I need to find the secret. My daughter is a fly-away wispy haired child, so perhaps we will just do ponys and buns all over her head.

My son is signed up for Lego camp after school. This should be interesting. The last time we tried this, the harried volunteer instructor would meet me at pick up every time and relay the antics to me with an exhausted and beaten down aura about him. I’m hoping 3rd grade has matured my son a bit, or maybe I should just sneak the instructor a gift card for the local liquor mart and we can all pretend like it’s smooth sailing.

We’ve managed two weeks of school without homework. That all ended yesterday. Mondays are a bit brutal for my son because immediately following school, I speed carefully obey all traffic laws and hightail it out of there to make it to physical and occupational therapy exactly 30 minutes away. We get home three hours later in time to eat the crockpot meal I threw together, brush teeth, squeeze in fifteen minutes of legos/fighting with sister, and then bedtime. There is no time on Mondays for homework, so we do it Tuesday morning. I’m looking at it as sleep training my elementary kid. You still want to wake up at the butt crack of dawn? Fine, here’s some homework. You need help? Oooooh, you want the cranky up-when-it’s-still-dark mommy monster to help you solve your multiplication problems? Godspeed, child.

I think we’re getting the hang of it. .. slowly but surely. You know what I am getting the hang of? Having 2.5hrs every other day to sit and stare at my quiet walls at home with nary a peep from another room, under my feet, the bathroom, or upstairs while i sip my hot coffee.  Just me and my kitty-litter-covered-poo-eating new dog with an entire mug of hot coffee!



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