At What Point?

At what point to I begin to change things? Hopefully this is it. Small changes, right? My last Costco run included a fat bunch of bananas – which I am allergic to – a big box of plums and a flat of pears. I actually have reached for fruit the past few days when i’ve wanted a snack.

Go me.

Hopefully it’s not too little too late. I’ve been on BP meds for a year now. I have yet to lose weight. In fact, i’ve gained about 5lbs since going on them.

I went to the foot doctor today. Yes, that’s right. I went to a podiatrist. I was by FAR the youngest whippersnapper in that joint aside from my daughter. I was the youngest patient. The fossils loved seeing my four year old, but the feeling was not moo-chal. Crypt-keepers knockin’ their dentures at her as they smile and coo are not top on her list of ‘likes’.


Not to bore you with details, but I’ve had some pain in one of my feet for the past … oh, i dunno… months. Like 6 months maybe? Nothing I was excited to go to a doctor for. I hadn’t done anything exciting like ski down a mountain or skateboard off a ramp. Nothing to warrant foot pain other than just being fat. And that’s not glamorous. Even if you like Bass and not Treble.

So the good doc pinched, poked, pulled and prodded my feet. Nada. No issue. He had me turn onto my stomach and .4 seconds later says, “Ok, let’s talk about it.” He took 2 Xrays and told me my spine is off by 2 inches (he was able to tell from me laying on my big belly??) and I have tendonitis in my foot. My tendon is pulling and adding pressure to my outer foot bone. … and oh yes, there’s a bone spur beginning on my heel. We tackled the tendonitis and he gave me a chart of stretches. I’d like to believe he thinks I’ll do them. I’d like to believe I will do them. I’m supposed to go back in 2 weeks for a recheck. I was so anxious about all of it, I forgot to ask about the bone spur. I looked it up when I got home – against better judgement, I know – and turns out it’s a common result of being overweight.


I’m tired, y’all. Tired of being a Big ‘un. Tired of being so big my feet are checking out on me. Oh yes, and my blood pressure was taken when I first got there and it was 154/101 … and i’m already on meds for that.

Just take me out to pasture and leave me at the buffet.



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