Week One Success!

I did it! I managed to lose 2.6lbs 😄 I’m going to forego all the rationalization about being the first week and water retention, blah blah blah and just totally own it. I lost it. Not my husband or my kid or my mom. Me. And I’m gonna do it again! What worked this week: […]

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The F*ing Fours

When my daughter was born, she was blue. This would have been much more terrifying for us had the doctor not warned us this might happen. I appreciate him giving me more time to surprise my husband with the news the baby was fathered by a black man. She wasn’t, but I appreciate him lookin’ […]

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Trying to Loose It

So I’m in week 1 of weight watchers. Now that i’ve got my health under reasonable control, I can take a moment for reflection. Understand, this is my first week back so nothing epic has occurred …. yet  🙂 This week began a bit rough with migraines, elevated blood pressure, new medication, possible diabetes and […]

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Too Late?

I survived my first Weight Watchers meeting yesterday. Beyond that, I don’t know how great I did. I did manage to track all day, but towards the end of the day – after gymnastics and homework – on the drive home I came down with the worst migraine i’ve had in a long long time. […]

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It’s Time

I was on a roller coaster today. An emotional roller coaster. So I’ve been having some health issues as of late. I’m obese. I hate that word, by the way. It’s ugly. It’s straight to the heart about it’s meaning. There’s no way around it. I prefer “fat” to “obese”. Clinical phrases aren’t all that […]

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Ugh. I hate being defeated. In any form. Right now my failure is my sodium intake. Last year I had a chat with my doctor. He told my I needed to go on BP meds, and I agreed. Grudgingly. We talked at length about how we  have a treadmill and it’s time I stop using […]

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A Day Off

I’ve waited a little bit before starting my daughter on “lunch bunch” at her Preschool. For those of you not ‘in the know’ or for the dads out there, this is where you spend $20 for an extra two and a half hours of free time on Fridays. My kid gets to eat lunch with […]

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You may not want to read this if ‘TMI, Dude!’ is used in your conversations with friends very often. …or if you actually know me. Still here? Well, you were warned My youngest is at preschool today. I always have big plans for the two hours I get to be alone at home.. that is, […]

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Asthma Angst

Doctor visits. I hate ’em. I’m thankful for our insurance, but I’m sick of doctors and specialists and therapists. What’s it like to just have healthy kids?! My poor son has had a bad dry strong cough for nearly two weeks now. This kid is rarely sick with anything solid. He had RSV as a […]

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In Hot Pursuit

Of a decent weekend. Thursday night is filled with giddiness that it’s the last homework night of the week. The next morning is the last lunch of the week. The alarms don’t need to get set – as if they are even used, and ha ha, we all know weekends are even earlier to rise […]

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