An Award?!

Apparently I can even screw up the easy stuff. It seems these were given in tandem 🙂  So now I can say, “How do you like my pair?” *wink wink*



Thank you, ! has become my fairy Blogmother. ( ) Thank you for answering all the stupid inane questions only asked by senior citizens firing up their dial up desktops!!

Here are the rules, as dictated by naptimethoughts, interpreted by Moi and passed down to my own nominees.

  1. Thank your Nominator (it’s just the polite thing to do) in the form of a link to your nominators’ page; for everyone likes free publicity. If you’d like, let everyone know (in 500 words or fewer) what the world would be like, and how it would be better with you at the helm. Feel free to cut and paste “If sarcasmica ruled the world” for everyone else to read, follow. Be succinct. Or don’t. Whatever floats your knockers.
  2. Make up some crap about yourself. 10 things that are entirely false, but you TOTALLY wish they were true. Points for creativity and double points for letting us all know exactly how batshit crazy you really are, you know… Behind closed doors.
  3. Pick some folks whose blogs you couldn’t live without, and spread the love. I won’t tell you how many other bloggers to choose… For only you know which bloggers live in your heart (tear)

My 10 Entirely Factually Challenged Non Truths:

  1. I am J.K. Rowling’s silent partner
  2. I am a champion SAHM Triathlete. Never heard of it? Pshhh, let me educate you. It’s a race to see who can bake a pie from scratch, clean the house top to bottom using only homemade materials, and homeschool your own children. It doesn’t have to be simultaneous. We ARE human, afterall. But it must be done within 12 hours of the starting microwave timer.
  3. I gave up my prestigious modeling career to stay at home with my children and grow our own food.
  4. I can take my well behaved children to Target and the grocery store on any given day at any given time.
  5. My son has zero developmental issues.
    (ooooh, downer)
  6. My husband is nearly as good as I at cleaning the house.
  7. I know what to do with any and all of the fresh fruits and vegetables currently in my refrigerator.
  8. I am preparing our family for a two week trip to Disney World complete with old, unattractive nanny.
  9. My career is waiting for me when I’m ready to go back with all of my signing skills intact and better than ever!
  10. My first blogging experience was so successful, I had to start this second anonymous ninja blog

And now for the blogs I follow!

cheergerm will make you feel ashamed for cracking open a can/jar/container of something for dinner: Cheergerm (of course)   naptimethoughts
this one will make you appreciate larger houses and warmer weather The Diary of a Reluctant Mother
I did follow more, but there seems to be a small dropoff in people keeping their blogs. I promise to search for more!

10 thoughts on “An Award?!

  1. Congrats to you Madame S, I love reading your blog and thanks for the nomination you well cool chicky you. Mrs Naptime is indeed a Fairy Blogmother and a gem. I will certainly be accepting this award in the next week or so, stay tuned to read my made up crap. (Won’t be hard as I live in a fantasy world 99.9 percent of the time anyway.) I do open jars of stuff as well, I have serious times of ‘CBA’ (can’t be arsed) in the kitchen as well. 😁


    1. lol
      you must have brown eyes, nappy, because i caught a whiff of some poo poo 🙂

      i did not realize, no, but i will most assuredly snatch that one, too, and exploit it to the best of my ability!

      Liked by 1 person

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