In Hot Pursuit

Of a decent weekend.

Thursday night is filled with giddiness that it’s the last homework night of the week. The next morning is the last lunch of the week. The alarms don’t need to get set – as if they are even used, and ha ha, we all know weekends are even earlier to rise – but still. No carpool lines.

Every weekend I’m filled with ideas and hope that it will be a weekend of prescription commercial-esque happiness and togetherness. The kids will SURELY get along! There’s no homework to divide my attention or their lego efforts. There are no bath times or scheduled therapy times. Just wide open fun!

Yea right. Every weekend I hope the kids will just get along and not bicker and argue over every. last. thing. The four year old will stop making demands by screaming and crying. She will find that sweet, wonderful vocabulary she used just two months ago when she was the blissful age of 3.

Big fat NOPE!

It’s like hoping my son no longer behaves like an annoying big brother.

(pause for child who just kicked the door of the pantry with his toe and screamed his head off blaming everyone)

Yea. It’s times like this I wonder why I hope so much for the weekend. The kids made forts – that they then fight over who gets which one and who’s in whose tent. They have lego adjacent activity before they are pulling and throwing and grabbing across the living room. The vacuum cleaner is the only real victim in that one.

My husband is traveling for work for the next week, and the first weekend is usually filled with out-of-the-house activities, however we had an appointment smack in the middle of the day today …. that was then postponed to the evening, unbeknownst to me. (GRRRR!!!!) So we’ve been in/around/outside the house together all day. Since 5am when they were awake.

I broke down at 9 and demanded we all go outside for a walk. Nothing will convince you to go exercise like being in the house with overtired bickering children. We even did leaf rubbing with what we collected after. That was fun and cool… and it lasted about 7 minutes.

I’m trying to absorb all the “good time” and “they’ll only be this young right now” and “someday you’ll look back fondly on these times” and “one day they will be locked in their rooms and you’ll wish they were in front of you screaming and flailing at each other trying their hardest to eat each others faces off”. You know what? I’m looking forward to that nostalgia, because it will mean I did it right and we survived to reminisce.

Until then, there’s booze. I have a moms night out tonight, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say i’ve been watching the clock since 12 o’clock. I’m in the home stretch now!

Who knows, after tonight i’m sure i’ll go to bed with renewed optimism for tomorrow! Afterall, if tomorrow is a bust, Monday is the next day and it doesn’t get any better than Monday.


10 thoughts on “In Hot Pursuit

      1. When I was 16, my boss at a record store I was working at taught me to curse. I was taught to say “God dan mother fucking cock sucking son of a bitch.”
        To this day, it’s my go to curse of stubbed toes and smashed funny bones.


      2. you certainly can’t top it! im always tempted to let my son curse when he’s mad because it’s better than him screaming “i hate you!” but hubby would blow a gasket


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