Ugh. I hate being defeated. In any form. Right now my failure is my sodium intake. Last year I had a chat with my doctor. He told my I needed to go on BP meds, and I agreed. Grudgingly. We talked at length about how we  have a treadmill and it’s time I stop using it for a clothes dryer. I vowed I would NOT be one of those people who goes on medication and then gets worse because she gets comfortable and lazy. No, I was going to use this as a wake up call and be off of it in six months, damnit!!

Well, I tried to look back in my archives to find the original post about going on this medication and couldn’t find it. That’s how long i’ve been on it, apparently. I believe i’m somewhere around the 1 year mark.


Bigfatfail. Literally.

So the past couple of days i’ve been feeling kind of cruddy. Not because I had the rarely seen or experienced once-in-four-months-or-so period, but just an overall headachy ‘blah’. I had my blood pressure taken last month when I saw the podiatrist and it was high. So high they told me I should make an appointment to go back and see my doctor. I laughed it off as stress from having to see a podiatrist.

So yesterday I had a nagging headache that wasn’t debilitating, but just annoying. It didn’t go away. By the time I drove all over kingdom come for my son’s therapy, it was still bugging me. I went to the local grocery store and took a very high tech blood pressure reading from the germ-covered machine by the pharmacy.


Huh ?!!

My feet weren’t flat on the floor. I didn’t take enough deep breaths before the reading. My arm is too fat to really properly fit and get an accurate reading.

I took just enough deep breaths before hyperventilating, I flattened my feet to the floor and sat up as straight as my back allowed and retested.


Not fantastic.

So now I have to eat crow and face my doctor as a fat fail because as it turns out, I am one of the herd that didn’t take it seriously and now here I am. Back to get a higher dose. UGH!!

I had to call my husband to coach me through my own mental berating.

him: “You know… I had to go back and get mine adjusted, right?”

…. “oh. I didn’t know that.”

So I call to make an appointment and i’m told I have to wait until Friday.

I guess I wont drop dead from today until Friday, but I can’t help but wonder if I need to call back and insist …. ??

5 thoughts on “Defeat

  1. I think you are OK until Friday.

    My doctor told me years ago to find out when those machines are calibrated at the pharmacies, etc. because with random people and kids playing with them, they can be “off”. On calibration day would be the best time to try again, unless you already own a BP monitor.


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