Week One Success!

I did it! I managed to lose 2.6lbs 😄
I’m going to forego all the rationalization about being the first week and water retention, blah blah blah and just totally own it.
I lost it. Not my husband or my kid or my mom. Me. And I’m gonna do it again!
What worked this week:
TRACKING tracking TrAcKiNg!!!!
I was shocked at all the stuff I was able to eat and stay within the parameters of my daily/weekly points.
It was a fantastic feeling. No guessing. No wondering, and no cheating the system.
I bought Amy Poehler’s ‘Yes Please’ on audiobook and listen to it only when I’m on the treadmill.
The dangling carrot, if you will.
So here’s to a repeat this week if not even better!

I lost two and a half of these!😃

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