Gone Mom

I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dead. Poof Gone and done. Wait…. That means I’ve left the children alone to their father. He’d have to prepare food daily and figure out their meds -a mighty task at the moment – and know who to call for prescription refills? Scratch that. I’m back. Seriously, the illness around […]

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Few things will make a person crazy faster than a house full of sick people. It’s madness. No one wants to eat, but everyone is hungry, but not for that or that. I want this with a side of a little bit of what’s on the top of that. And that’s it. I’m full, but […]

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Week 4 Weigh In

This week was an unprecedented number for me. -4.9lbs in one week! My body cheated a little. I vaguely remember when I first did Weight Watchers, the week of my periods were always a bigger loss than others. Also, the week after I was always in danger of gaining, or at the very least not […]

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Holiday Touring

(please forgive the awful auto formatting listing all questions as #1. I am too tired to figure it out and fix it. Besides, if you are a reader of my blog, you have overlooked far more than this.) My Fairy Blogmother, naptimethoughts, included me in a fantastical amazetacular project. “Project” might be a strong word… […]

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One Squirt From Disaster

I have never been a lover of the “FML” acronym. I think it’s melodramatic and just kind of deuchy. HOWEVER, today just may be the inauguration of that very phrase into my own vocabulary. I was very thankful the vet was able to squeeze my suicidal dog into her schedule today. I was less ecstatic […]

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Nauseating November

I had the bright idea last summer to start a garden. I am not a gardener, nor do i have a green thumb. However, you have to be a special kind of plant murderer not to have a successful plant or two in Washington. We bought a raised bed from Home Depot, potting soil and […]

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Fitful Hangover

I have a fit hangover today. Emotionally drained after going to bed numb. MEH. The literal definition of “Meh” is this feeling right here. It was the kind of evening that made me wonder, “Do other parents have 8 year olds that act this bad?!” I mean, I don’t want to wish this on anyone […]

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Wed Weigh In

I managed a 1.6 lb loss this week. Yay! Unbelievably I was slightly disappointed at first. I lost 2.6 last week and hoped to lose at least 2lbs. However, I did go out 3 times this last week, one time was a Mexican restaurant. Considering all of that, and Halloween, I think I did great […]

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Parental Traitor

Ok. I admit it. I’m a traitor. I will admit not that I love my daughter more, because I (usually) don’t. However, today I got a taste of ‘normal’. ‘Typical’ for all you panties-in-a-wad PC people out there – though why you’d be reading MY blog, I have no clue. A little background if you […]

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Old Mac Donald

Had a farm, E-I-E-I-O And on this farm he had a [genetically modified and horribly fed] Cow E-I-E-I-O With a tumor here and a spray of ammonia there E-I-E-I-NOOOOO Mondays are hectic for us … slightly. I pick up my daughter, we have a couple hours, then pick up my son and head straight for […]

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