Week 4 Weigh In

This week was an unprecedented number for me. -4.9lbs in one week!

My body cheated a little. I vaguely remember when I first did Weight Watchers, the week of my periods were always a bigger loss than others. Also, the week after I was always in danger of gaining, or at the very least not losing as much as I felt I worked for. It evened out over both weeks. It’s the average that really counts afterall. Truthfully, it’s not even the weight that’s supposed to count. It’s how active have you been? Did you track? How was your eating? We all know you can track and stay on the plan, but that doesn’t mean you’ve been eating all that great.

Anyway, I was shocked and happy and I took that number with my head held high. I just know now that cramps and bloating and period paraphernalia cannot hinder my getting on the treadmill in this 25-35 degree weather. (the treadmill is in the uninsulated garage) BRRRRR!!!

But I will do it. You know why? Because I was so out of control, so over the top with what I was doing to myself that my body actually stopped having periods regularly for over a year. I did not know this could happen. I was freaked out at first, mostly because I did the whole “holy shit what if i’m pregnant” mind boggle. Then I realized my husband has been snipped and it was not logically possible.

Anyway, so now i’m on three months in a row of a period, i’m 9lbs down, and i’m trying to take it all meal by meal. Snack by snack. Track track track!

(I started this post six hours ago and just got back to it, so i’m gonna cut it short and go pick up the kid from preschool)


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