Gone Mom

I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dead.


Gone and done.

Wait…. That means I’ve left the children alone to their father. He’d have to prepare food daily and figure out their meds -a mighty task at the moment – and know who to call for prescription refills?

Scratch that. I’m back.

Seriously, the illness around here has reached biblical proportions. My poor sweet 4 yr old daughter went from a ‘she’ll grow out of it’ croupy cough to an eye infection back to croup then to an ear infection and a return eye infection. This culminated in her grand finale tonight of puking from my lap into the bathroom leaving a trail of clear chunks for me to find her.

Thoughtful one, eh?

Simultaneously, I’m nursing a wheeze, and congested cough & head cold. My son is developing quite the chest rattle, and my husband is staring down the barrel of a second round of antibiotics for his bronchitis.

I feel as though my neck may explode from the glands on the outside hurting and the burning on the inside while my sinuses are cementing in my face with every sniff and snort.

I have not had any rest or downtime. My sanity is about to snap, and you know who it’s snapping on?

The husband. Yes, that’s right! Call me a heartless bitch. Call me a lazy selfish cow. I can’t hear you, so I couldn’t care less. All I want right now is my codeine laced cough syrup-which is teasing me from the safety of the medicine cabinet- some puffs with lotion and SLEEP. I want the green Martians in my chest to simmer down so I can get a single nights rest.

But no. I’m going to be sleeping with one ear and only one nostril open. I will be listening for any urping puke sounds from my daughter’s room so I can be ready to pounce sleepily and congested to her rescue at any moment.

God help me, I need some rest!

One thought on “Gone Mom

  1. Oh no, I am sorry it is still going on.

    At least y’all are getting it out of your system now vs. over the holiday?

    Trying to find a good side to this mess…


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