Monday Eve

Somedays this night is better than a big fat heap of Christmas Eves.

This is one such occasion.

There is no one particular reason for this other than just being the first weekend back after our road trip. My son had two writing assignments this weekend, due Monday, and I thought Screaming Goat/Cat/Pterodactyl People would be our weekend anthem…
Surprisingly it wasn’t! At least not for the writing bit.

We broke it up over both days because what fun is Chinese water torture when you blow your wad the first day?!

No, we had the Screaming Goat/Cat/Pterodactyl Anthem playing at such times as baths and play time and bedtime. You know, those horribly interruptive non-scripted surprise activities. Brushing teeth was another fav. I tell ya, those foreign interactions were thrown at my poor uninformed children at seemingly every turn! To think i’d expect humane behavior during a 5 minute car ride from school to home? Preposterous and completely out of left field!

To make it more interesting, my husband was moody all weekend. Now i’m the first to admit i’m a tad moody. Just a wee skosh. Like a drizzle of caramel on an apple ‘skosh’ moody.

However, my moody is expected. It’s navigated and mapped for my kids. My husband is more freeballin’, willy nilly with his personality changes. This resulted in lots of horn-crashing head butting and sparks this weekend.

He leaves for a business trip tomorrow and while I love him dearly, lets just say Im hoping he’s looking as forward to the sunshine and solo time as much as I am for him.

After an evening of selective listening from the children, and selective housework (as in Nada) from the husband, momma nearly “went out for a pack of cigarettes” today…and i dont smoke.

Happy Monday Eve to all the stay at home moms out there. Im mentally raising my future hot & full coffee cup to you all.

One thought on “Monday Eve

  1. I’ve been out for a pack of cigarettes for a month. Today, I think I’ll make some eggnog. It’s 16 days till Christmas, as J continues the countdown every day, and the holidays are the perfect excuse to drink. Rum. Heavily.


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