Education Gauntlet

Reading through my son’s IEP goals for the year (at a new school) make me want to poke my eyeballs out. Every goal listed reverberates in my head, “And what have YOU done to help that, ‘Mom’?!”

Dejected, I have to just go through the rest as fast as I can while fielding questions from the kids about their coloring activity, answer the door for the furniture guy, try to convince myself my life is completely normal, and lots and lots of third grade boys are operating at a mostly second grade level.


I just want my son to be normal and not have this kind of struggle. I can handle bully struggles or hygiene struggles or even ‘i cant stand my teacher’ struggles, but not basic learning and education struggles.

-melodrama momma

2 thoughts on “Education Gauntlet

  1. I remember IEP meetings. Major mom guilt, I know. I wanted to yell “do you think I tell him to NOT pay attention today?” Ugh. I know your feels…((BIG HUGS))


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