Tomorrow is our 9th Wedding Anniversary.

How am I old enough to have been married for 9 years ?! And he’s old enough to have had a practice marriage before us. How is this possible?!

Four states, 2 lost houses, 1 sold house, five rentals, 2 kids, many pets, and a thousand grey hairs later we are still going strong.

I bitch a lot on this blog, but i’m truly thankful for having a fairly healthy marriage. I’m a Scary Mommy Confessional stalker (if you don’t know this site, you should go search for it, really) and it helps me keep our normalcy in perspective. Between all the running around and dealing with the needs of our children – the boy especially – and the craziness of owning a house and his traveling for work and my attempt at Weight Watchers, things can easily get skewed. I have a tendency to see the glass half empty and cracked and dirty.

Perspective is a good thing when you can make it work for you.

We’ve been together for nearly twelve years and I can honestly say no one knows me better and accepts me for who I really am. Warts and all. We are far from perfect, but we just happened to be lucky enough to find each other, break up, get back together, move in together, fight and yell, get married, have kids, truly fight and still love each other through newborn haze, blended family mess, losing parents lows, job angst, and still mostly appreciate each other, and forgive all the rolled eyes and behind closed door middle fingers and shouted hurtful words and still laugh together until our bellies hurt.

I love you, husband, and never forget that.

wedding love

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