Eve of Santa

It hasn’t felt much like Christmas this year. Not any one specific reason, just a lot of bickering from the kids, trouble from the big one, family stresses, life, blah blah blah. But here i lay at 12 am Christmas morning (officially) and i’m looking forward to all the morning excitement.

I found myself resenting the competition with Santa as I was tagging the gifts tonight. Why does he get all the good stuff? He gets to take credit for the assembly of the worst instructions for the biggest toys! He gets credit for knowing exactly what the kids wanted/needed while mom and dad get to play second fiddle and take credit for socks and underwear! At least we get the goodies. Santa always arrives too late at our house to partake before the hubbster and i help ourselves to the cookies. šŸ˜‹

I find myself anxious on Christmas Eve quite often. I look forward to the year i’m happy with the house decorations, happy with what i pick for my husband, and the kids. Secure i’ve gotten the right amount of gifts for my spoiled kids.

Let me tell you. I totally understand my kids are spoiled. Here’s a tidbit back to you if you find that repulsive: they would be pains whether they opened an extra Lego toy on Christmas or not! I had plenty of dust bunny Christmases and i still turned out selfish and bratty, so i just enjoy being able to give them what i can now. Who knows what next Christmas will bring?

So here I am wondering if I got the Santa/parent tag ratio just right, and the brother/sister ratio even. You and I both know that abacus will be tallying the spreadsheet in my 8 yr old’s head of who got how many whatses.

My answer will be, “Remember when you wanted to talk back so much more than zipping your lip? There ya go. One present into the ‘Santa ether’. Poof!”

What a well of Holiday Spirit here in Sarcasmicaville, eh?! That lucky family of mine!

I hope all my readers have a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones, and the children give you at least an hour of blissful contended quiet play time with their loot so you can suck down a hot cup of Christmas morning coffee before jumping up and happily slaving away all day so everyone around you can enjoy a feet-up-and-feed-me holiday!

Merry Christmas everyone!

*cheers & clink*

..*clink clink rattle*


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