Happy Freakin’ New Year!

Goodbye 2014, hello New Year.

That’s about as festive as I feel. That’s it. I blew my wad on sentence #1.

We have my husband’s oldest kids staying with us for a week and we took all the kids to the snow today. 2 hours of driving to play in 10 inches of snow. … still debating whether or not it was worth it. There was one single tubing hill. It was at least not at all crowded. We had the hill 100% to ourselves until the last run. As we drove out, however, there was a mob of people at the top of the hill.

Ha ha, neener neener, we won.

Here’s what I learned today:

My 4 year old is no longer a little baby girl.
-I am still working on fully understanding this and letting it happen without being sad. Of course it’s going to happen either way, but i’m working on seeing the joy in it and not the loss

My 4 year old is a badass!
– after tackling the sledding hill solo about five times and being the fastest monster out there, I was feeling pretty proud

Falling on the icy snow at 38 and 75 – 100lbs overweight is not a party

I don’t like wet 25 degree cold on my skin

I love love LOVE living in this state
-we saw a range of beauty today from the ice to the frost to the snow. The rock face covered in waterfalls and icicles was astounding. The river running through the snowy scenery and icy rocks was beautiful. The lake surrounded by snowy mountains and the bald eagle that flew over was utter contentment for my mind and heart

My son has a great capacity for love when you give him time
– after li’l badass sledded down a small hill and got whiplash from a bump before becoming airborne toward the parking lot, her big brother finally went to check on her – of his own accord –
after a respectable 5 minutes had passed. .. just so we didn’t think he was overly concerned 🙂 He checked on her and hugged her again about 20 minutes later 🙂  🙂

My family, dysfunctional as it may be, is mine and it’s wonderful …. you know … when everyone isn’t getting on my nerves and trying to kill each other

Happy New Year my friends! I hope it is filled with joy and lots and lots of laughter and reading and comments on my posts.




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