The Vax Debate

Opinions are like a$$holes. Everyone has one, and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks. So here’s my safe place to vomit out my own two cents. Today’s topic: Vaccinations. It makes me nutty when I see witch hunts going on for parents. Parents who, for the most part, are trying to do what’s right. Much like […]

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Sick Card

I finally called it quits on hoping this thing living in my chest would just magically get better and went to the Urgent Care on Sunday. It was serious enough to drag both the kids with me to a germ-infested urgent care and later ER for XRays. My husband, of course, is traveling the world […]

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When Mom Is Sick

Here are a few rules to go by in the unlikely chance your mom gets sick. 1. If she’s coughing up a lung and choking on phlegm, don’t ask for anything. She cannot assist you even if she wanted to … and chances are she doesn’t want to. 2. Meals will be on a strictly […]

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Im convinced im dying. I certainly hope i’m not because the thought of my husband being 100% responsible for the kids turns my hair even whiter. Since becoming a mom, i’m terrified every cold I have is an opportunity to find my brain tumor. It cant just be a chest cold, it’s tuberculosis. My daughter […]

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The Minecraft Mind

I sat through a Minecraft how-to video on youtube with my 8 year old this morning. My dyspraxic, ADHD kid watched this disorganized, choppy, rambling 15 min video made by another 8 or 9 year old and walked away from it able to follow all the directions and get what he needed without so much […]

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Ice Queens & Tuberculosis

I took my daughter to a birthday party today. (Saturday) *mic drop* Just kidding *picks mic up elegantly* It was a Princess party. Our first. All the kids had the option of arriving in their own princess dresses. Oddly, I saw no boys from my daughter’s predominantly boy class there. I guess they don’t appreciate […]

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Dear Stomach

Dear Stomach, I’m so sorry I subjected you to McDonald’s tonight. I completely understand that I overstepped the boundaries. I cannot lessen my resistance over the last few months to the poisonous “meat” and supposed “potatoes” fried in yesteryear’s oil just to then turn around and pour that “food” down my gullet and expect you […]

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