Weighing The Options

I’ve been with Weight Watchers this last go around for about three months now. .. just under, actually. I’ve lost about 14lbs as of last week. I’ve only had 1 week where i gained any weight, and that was after our road trip. I gained 2.2lbs that week.

Today, however, I’ve had some set backs. I missed this week’s meeting due to some visitors and snow trips, but I will be back next week. I’m a bit scrrrrrr’d, though. Here is how this morning went:

At the grocery store with the husband picking up some restocking.

*enters store into a table laden with doughnut holes*


(doughnuts are my mega kryptonite)

*don’t look at them don’t loo -*

“Hey, buy one get one free! Let’s get ’em!”

*husband, caught in a familiar trap begins to panic*


I grab a box. Then I grab the second because, hey, it’s free.

Now if someone handed me a grenade, pulled the pin, and then offered a second, i’d decline… but doughnuts?! Absolutely! Load ‘er up!

My husband, knowing a futile exchange when he has been presented with one, wisely asks if I got a kind he likes.

“psshhh, of course!”
(No one wants to be caught with a box of doughnut hole powder covering their torso solo, amiright?)

Now I had a brief conversation with myself in my head where I called myself names, told myself to walk away. Told myself not to put the first one in my hands, but did I listen?

Yes. To my stomach. Not my head.

So now i’m a few days into 2nd helping at dinner, and now doughnut holes.

I fear the Wednesday scale because first and foremost, I have not been tracking or getting outside/inside/rightside/upside for any form of exercise whatsoever. (with the exception of sledding and falling on my ass)

So this week I’m going to focus on every day, every time I eat, track.

Track it.

Track the doughnut holes if you’re going to eat them, stupid! If you put it in your gullet, enter it in the device.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some sugar to process.

One thought on “Weighing The Options

  1. Agh…damn you doughnuts! Shaking virtual fist at them…whoever invented your delicious sugary goodness should be put into the stocks. Mrs S, you are a sweetheart for popping me on your cool blog lists. I am currently looking at a blog theme change (eek!) and this is one feature I would like as well!

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