Crippled by Passwords

My PC is sick. As in dead. No good. Big hunk of useless wires and buttons.

It seems someone happened upon some nefarious website, like Zulily or Yahoo, and a stealth PC bug was lying in wait to attack.

This has happened before, but not to this extent. It’s amazing to me with all the damned advances, how is it still possible this is a worry for a non-porn surfing, non-black market streaming, purely up and up computer?

Losing my computer has made me realize some things:

1. All that time telling myself I needed to record our account info on an actual piece of paper somewhere is now even more

2. My husband’s fancy shmancy dual monitor uber machine is useless to me when he has obviously never accessed a
single utility account, therefore saving zero access information.

3. I’m going to have to find actual activities to keep the kids from climbing the walls

4. It seems the computer that is responsible for every single picture ever taken, documents, bills, accounts is simultaneously
superfluous enough to use as the kid’s main source for, minecraft, and nickjr

5. I may have to actually CALL to pay a bill in the near future, and speak to a live human being. What a nightmare!

6. Being disorganized, once again, sucks monkey balls.

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