2am Reflections

As I lie here listening to my 4 year old bark her way into 2am I cant help but think, “What kind of parental purgatory is this? What penance am I having to serve and why?!”

Did I do something so egregious as to warrant my daughter to have to deal with croup for the second time in three months, and the third time in her four years on this planet?! What on earth would make us deserve that?!

Mommy’s public bitching blog?!

The Crocs?

Too many lunchables and non-organic produce?

Whatever it is, this is it! We have paid our dues!

As I contemplate whatever irresponsible nonsense I surely did to cause this all to happen, the evening just gets more heinous as I lie awake to the simultaneous coughing of the little one, the grinding snore of the contractually obligated one, and the *delightful* awareness of starting my period.

Shoot me.

4 thoughts on “2am Reflections

  1. How do men sleep through that? When my daughter was little, she had really bad heartburn. Really, until she was three she had it, and she would wake up in the middle of the night, screaming from the pain, and my husband would just sleep… until after the eigth time I was up with her in 3 hours, that is. Then I would start poking and kicking and your turning.


      1. I have no idea how he does it. Selective narcolepsy could be to blame… But man do I get completely irrationally pissed off when he’s sleeping like a baby and I’m stuck, awake, listening to her fitful, painful, sleep. I have to violently wake him, just so he can suffer with me.
        I’m sure the wife of the year committee is on it’s way to the house as we speak.


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