The Minecraft Mind

I sat through a Minecraft how-to video on youtube with my 8 year old this morning. My dyspraxic, ADHD kid watched this disorganized, choppy, rambling 15 min video made by another 8 or 9 year old and walked away from it able to follow all the directions and get what he needed without so much as a frame repeat to refresh what to do.


And yet, every single morning he fails to locate a clean shirt, socks or shoes. He cant answer whether or not his teeth were brushed or his fish was fed. Every. Morning.

Perhaps I should hire a kid to animate a Minecraft version of our morning routine..? If he sees Steve open a dresser to find proper pants, chances are greater he will then wear appropriate, hole-free pants.

A couple of observations while watching this video:

1. I found myself flopping around trying to get out of having to watch a tutorial on “How to make a spawner”

2. Any stumble or fidget by the speaker shortened my attention 10 fold

3. I didnt give a rat’s ass about what was happening and just wanted it to end

4. 8 year olds are far more advanced at computer-ing than my 38 year old ass

5. Now I know how my son feels during homework, class, and parent lectures

6. I want that 15 minutes of my life back

7. The one great big fat pro to this was it provided something I am terrible at. He heard a kid think through a process out loud. Something dyspraxia prohibits the brain from doing. The fancy term is ‘executive functioning’. Being able to set up the steps of an activity or process. Just the basic order you set up in your brain to get a task done. I am lousy at communicating this and saying my own process out loud. Some of his team has told me this will help him get into this habit of learning to prioritize and organize thoughts/movements/tasks, etc. Most people inherently do this in their head. You ‘just do it’, but my kid cannot do it. Now I find this gateway to a big road block for school and personal task planning and management, but its in youtube minecraft videos. Hello, parent hell.

3 thoughts on “The Minecraft Mind

  1. Isn’t it always the worst crap that your child cottons onto to make their little lives better? Mine uses tinker toys and hot wheels racetrack to engineer new and horrible ways to crash his cars. My husband thinks that this is brilliant, but, then again, he doesn’t step on the various pieces all over the living room.


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