In Search of..


I find myself intellectually under stimulated as of late. In other words, meatloaf minded. Nothing is going on up there aside from a constantly incomplete running grocery list and kid schedules running through my otherwise empty mind. I need a hobby. I’d like more than one, but as Weight Watchers has taught me, set an achievable goal. We’ll start with one. What are some hobbies you have picked up post kid, as an adult, not requiring traveling or money or obscene amounts of socializing?

Here’s what i’ve got so far:

1. Laundry
2. How to eat more and gain less
3. Knit
4. Research vaccinations and brain injury
5. Put away laundry
6. Scrapbook
7. Housekeeping
8. Bake
9. Plot constellations
10. Paint something
11. Complete a planning oriented Pinterest page
12. Laundry
13. Clean something with a device more heavy duty than a Swiffer
13. Sit in a corner and rock
14. Take up heavy drinking
15. The fine art of listing goals

16. Keep the kids alive

I have limited scope or ideas. I blame it on the kids…and my own laziness.

One thought on “In Search of..

  1. This is going to sound super dorky but some of us got into puzzles on our camping trip! We have been picking them up at op shops (charity shops) and sharing them around. You can walk away when it is annoying and go back to it. I think (hope) it’s good for the brain, lol! If that fails, go with rocking in a corner.

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