Ugh Slug

I am hell bent on making myself fail my goals this week. It’s like Roid PMS Rage for 7 days.

What. The. Hell ?!?

I have been making some seriously bad carb choices and my hormones are like the bad girls behind the bleachers urging me on in my brain;
“Doooo it. You know you want to. Go aheeeeeaaaaad.”

Apparently i’m playing the part of Sandy to their pink ladies because I am all about it right now! Mocha? Sure! Bread? Load up ma’ belly! French Fry? Fo’ Sho’! Pizza? Perfectly pepperOKoni!

too much ..?

Tonight was my rock bottom….or pan bottom, rather. My husband worked late tonight. I did my own thing with my son for dinner a d grandma did her own thing while watching my daughter. I was responsible. While the kid was therapy-ing i went to the store and picked up the V Day cards and dinner. I passed right by the deli and did NOT get the Chinese food they were slinging. (i had Panda the day before!) I did not get any of the heat lamp 50 shades of brown fried hot deli food. I picked up a Thai chicken pre made salad and only used a little of the dressing and yummy toppings.

TOTALLY chubsponsible.

But when we get home I’m hungry. “Well shit, you just ate a salad, you can have something else!”

It wasnt pretty, y’all. Tonight i played the part of the oversized working garbage disposal. The topper, the “rock bottom” was my husband coming home late from work at 10:30 with a Dominos pizza box in his hand.

A pan pizza no less.

And since I hadnt eaten anything in about half an hour, I was starving so i had 2 slices.

Why?! Why do i do this to myself?! I do not like pizza. Especially Dominos pizza.

So now im going to bed with bingers gut/guilt/gain

Maybe I should try gorilla glue on my mouth next month during this newly developing Godzilla PMS time?

3 thoughts on “Ugh Slug

  1. OMG, I feel for you. I was there so many times for so many years, constantly making food commitments and then breaking them. Very frustrating. Anyway, I have lots of tips and strategies for helping you stick to your food plan on my blog. Check it out when you get a chance. Take care, Caroline


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