Not In The Plan, Man

I just survived a week at home with both children. The husband was out of town for 4 of those days. We did fun stuff, we played, we spent, we adventured, we managed. I was pleasantly surprised at how well everyone got along. (She said safely from the light at the end of the tunnel)

Now I should be looking forward to my reward. The giddiness and anticipation that is Monday Eve after a school break. The sleeplessness at planning what to do with all (2.5hrs) the solo time in store for me.

*XXX* (insert Family Feud style buzzer for “Wrong, Idiot!”)

Nope. The smell of freedom just got skunked. My kids are sick. Not one, but both. And it’s unusual for my big kid to have anything other than a sniffle or sneeze. He had full blown fever and chills tonight, poor guy.

My daughter is, of course, croupy coughing. Not quite the tuberculosis shuffle, but serious enough to put her in the near-bark category.

Sayonara peaceful coffee sipping post drop off
Adios alone time
Peace out DVR

Freedom will be mine hopefully by Wednesday.

One thought on “Not In The Plan, Man

  1. freedom will be yours in about 10 years – at least you will be able to leave the home to go to target without a baby sitter – maybe even a drink with the hubby – think about that!


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