Sticky Planning

Our family is getting ready for an actual vacation. Like flying to an actual established location! I can barely compute this in my brain at this point. It was a last minute decision based on quite a few facts that I can’t necessarily go into here. My husband travels a LOT for work, and he’s […]

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Words are toying with me today. It’s one of those evenings, I s’pose. I just tried to type “allowed” and it came out “aloud”. Wrong but right? This has happened in the space of five minutes at least as many times. Brain. Not. Functioning. Perhaps it’s the yummy chunky peanut butter toast I just ate? […]

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The Other Side

I went to a support group tonight for parents of special needs kids. I sat across from a set of parents just starting out. Just getting through the trenches of post diagnosis, and into that great vast barren beyond of “now what?”. I feel for you. I see you and your smudged eye make up, […]

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This is why i’m a lunatic. This, dear husband, is a short list of all the reasons after bedtime I am too checked out to even consider the horizontal mambo or the bedtime tango. The highs and lows of just one day: Woke up, got the 3rd grader up. 4 year old is on the […]

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Yesterday I was primed and hopeful to weigh in at Weight Watchers. I had the most active week to date. I had been tracking like a mo-fo. (daily for three weeks in a row!) I was RED-AY. I step on the miniature livestock scale and boom. I get the whispered, crinkle-nosed “You’re up a little […]

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Leash The Beasts

I have to get in my “steps” and activity points wherever I can. I have recently found, thanks to a very dear friend, a dog park that has a sort of circuit to walk. It’s very clever in that you can’t ever see just how far ahead you have to go because it’s sort of […]

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Bouncin’ Bertha

I had a great weigh in this week. I am down 3.4 pounds! Two weeks ago I weighed in and had gained, again, for the third time in a row. The leader asked, “What are you going to do differently this week?” as a rule, tracking is the first thing everyone talks about. Naturally, I […]

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Lefty Lucy

That’s me! I’m a lefty. Both parents are/were lefties and i’m the only one out of three children to be left handed. Just another reason I’m so special. (sadly, both of my children were born right handed. … it was sobering. I’m hoping for a cure someday) When I was a young’un, my (left-handed) friend […]

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