Lefty Lucy

That’s me! I’m a lefty. Both parents are/were lefties and i’m the only one out of three children to be left handed.

Just another reason I’m so special. (sadly, both of my children were born right handed. … it was sobering. I’m hoping for a cure someday)

When I was a young’un, my (left-handed) friend and I would go down to Ports o’ Call in San Pedro and check out the Purple store, and the lefty store. Unfortunately I was a teenager, so I had no money to buy the bountiful offerings the lefty store had. They eventually went out of business, sadly.

I’ve never found anything to be particularly difficult as a leftie. It’s not a disorder for goodness sakes. At least, I did not think so until I decided to browse Amazon for “left handed” items.

Only two things would be useful to me. A leftie measuring cup. (Why in the HELL the measuring cup companies cannot simply put the measurements on both sides, i have no idea) and peelers. That is something that can get very ugly, very quickly if you try and compensate.

I was shocked at all the nonsense available and made especially for a leftie. It’s not like we are amputees, people! I also do not assume other lefties are like me in all of the conforming I have done in the name of speed and ability.

For instance:

I play most sports right handed. I have no idea why. Perhaps this is why I was not particularly stellar at any one sport..? I throw with my right hand and catch with my left very well. If I did the opposite, i’d have a black eye. I’m certain of it.

I played volleyball right handed, and very poorly despite my love for it.

I bat (poorly) right handed.

My golf swing is yet to be determined. Mini golf has me utilizing either dominant hand, depending on where the ball has landed.

I bowl (inconsistently) left handed. I’m not too bad at bowling, actually. Any sport that includes nachos and cocktails as part of the process is high on my list of achievables.

I cut with my right hand. In school I never wanted to wait for the teachers to find and dig out the old rusty left handed scissors that made all the lefties look like the special ed kids… not that there’s anything wrong with the special ed kids, i just wasn’t one of them. I also hated waiting a turn for anything in preschool, so I adapted.  I suppose I could cut just fine with my left, but i’ve never had to really.

The specific left handed mugs make me laugh because while it would be a novelty, truthfully I need to be able to pick up my mug o’ happiness from any angle at any time. I have pets and children and a husband. I cannot guarantee a perfect liquid-heaven-to-mouth lift every time I need a sip.

I also ‘computer’ right-handed. It was a pain to switch the mouse, and the buttons are never right when you do that, so everything  becomes backwards. Instead, I just use a right-handed mouse on the right side. I use the number pad as a righty, also. I was a “head cashier” eons ago and had to add and keep track of all the transactions in the registers which made for lots and lots of calculator work… calculating with my right hand was immeasurably less scary than understanding my main job was math.

I sign with my left hand, though. This made for some awkward language milestones, but nothing earth-shattering. I don’t think any of the kids I interpreted for minded or cared.

Oddly enough, my first car ever was a lefty. I loved that thing. For the giant sum of $400, my mom bought me a mail jeep for my first set of wheels. It was awesome! The steering wheel was on the right, the automatic shifter was on the left. The doors slid open. The hood leaked every time it rained. The radiator blew out on me. … but it was an awesome first car. My friend would sometimes sit in the passenger seat and act like there was no steering wheel to freak out the “senior citizens” (a.k.a. 40 year olds) at stop lights.

Good times.

So when I see things like:

I just snicker.

3 thoughts on “Lefty Lucy

  1. Ha, the ten year is the only leftie in our household and we are very used to the smudged hands every day after school! My mum was a leftie but the nuns beat it out of her..I mean, they really whacked her everytime she used her left. Now she is ambidextrous.


    1. That is awful about your mum! I cant imagine.
      It never made sense to me why it was so unacceptable. I have long since exorcised the demon that causes my hand to work and im still a leftie even after it’s gone.

      My leftie friend took calligraphy in high school and she said it was excruciating. Ink everywhere all the time (i opted for ceramics)


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