Bouncin’ Bertha

I had a great weigh in this week. I am down 3.4 pounds!

Two weeks ago I weighed in and had gained, again, for the third time in a row. The leader asked, “What are you going to do differently this week?” as a rule, tracking is the first thing everyone talks about. Naturally, I robotically chanted, “Track.” to which she asked for an actual amount of time I would commit to it. Panicked, I said “2 days.”

The following week I managed to track every. single. day.


Take that, leader lady!

Except my daughter woke up that Wednesday throwing up. I had to miss my moment meeting.

Instead of showing off – admittedly a pathetic reality – and then being able to just go back to not tracking, I had to continue through the next week and track.

I did it!

I tracked every day for two weeks, not just the two days I originally committed to. As a result, I lost…. finally.

So now i’m really trying to get in my steps on my fitbit. I’m trying to be more active. Last night I had dinner with a friend and afterwards we walked! What a novel idea. We also got a small squirt of terrible froyo, but we walked!

Today I took my daughter to a trampoline center. I have been fearful of these things and always imagined kids with casts jumping about knocking each other down with zero supervision. Like a mall play area on springs. She’s big enough now to hit back, so I figured it was safe.

Oh. My. Gosh did we have a blast! There weren’t too many kids, and there were plenty of separate areas so we didn’t feel crammed. After about 20 minutes of watching other normal sized parents bouncing with their kids, I ventured slowly onto an empty square and gently began to bounce.

Every Funniest Home Video with people tearing through and breaking a trampoline ran on a reel through my mind. I tentatively gave it a little push to see how far the springs let it stretch. I was convinced an employee was going to come over with a lit sign saying “Sorry ma’am, you obviously exceed our weight limit. Please vacate the trampoline area without harming the children with your tusks.”

My daughter was loving this.

Once I noticed the bounces were registering on my fitbit, all bets were off. I was suddenly 12 years old at my uncle’s house on his trampoline again.

My daughter has been having trouble in gymnastics with her “seat drop”. Instead of bounce, sit, stand she just sort of bounce sit sitsitsit struggle ups. So she practiced and then I showed her, and I actually did it. I did a seat drop, y’all! The most non-genteel, megatron, ungraceful seat drop, but a completed one, nonetheless.

Then I got even more brave and did a knee drop. My back didn’t think it was all that cute. My daughter was enjoying the launching my ass dropping was doing for her on my same square. We had a great time, and it counted as a work out 🙂 Bonus!

As added fun, when she was telling grandma later about our adventure she said, “Mom went on it too! The springs went SOOOOOOO far down !! ”

Hopefully I don’t get a bill in the mail for a repaired trampoline patch!

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