Sticky Planning

Our family is getting ready for an actual vacation. Like flying to an actual established location! I can barely compute this in my brain at this point. It was a last minute decision based on quite a few facts that I can’t necessarily go into here. My husband travels a LOT for work, and he’s maximized the advantages of this in regards to point systems and frequent flyer-type-scenarios.

Not the mile high club or anything, mind you. Strictly points. Minds outta the gutter, people.

Anyhoo, we are planning a major getaway in just a matter of weeks that will mostly be produced by said collection of uber points. This is exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting. I’ve woken up every morning since the booking either early, or after having an entire night of excursion-based dreams.

I’m going to be a worn out wreck by the time we arrive at the airport at this rate.

I’ve heard it said before when dating, you should always vacation together to figure out how compatible you truly are.

This means bubkiss if you are not dragging along some ratty kids with a bad attitude as well. Throw in boarding pets to boot and anything less is still actually a vacation.

I imagine lazy mornings of sleeping past 9, a breakfast of your own choosing cut how you like and eaten hot. Eggs prepared the way YOU like, and not with the false hope of having a small munchkin actually eating them. No one’s slobber or ketchup on your napkin except your own. …. bliss.

So i’m working rrrrrrrreally hard on not getting bogged down in the logistics. I’m not necessarily good at logistics. Here’s where my husband and I differ. I like to fly by the seat of my pants. He likes an excel spread sheet….. that he can never find a day later … with mostly items regarding only himself, and none relating to preparing children for a trip or plane ride.

I am currently in a mad dash to find a solution to our stroller dilemma. We are going somewhere we will absolutely need a stroller for my gigantess 4 year old. My 50lb, 44 inch 4 year old that has outgrown most strollers.

We did have 2 at one point, but got rid of them in a garage clean out thinking i’d have no use for them before her sheer size collapsed the contraption. We have an umbrella stroller, but those things are useless. Useless if you need to transport bags. (Backpack or ziploc) Kids can’t actually lay down and nap in them. And the biggest of all offenses, this 5’11 mom will not spend this amount of money and planning just to walk around and push a cranky kid in a stroller while hunched over for days on end, resulting in a Crocs-on-Hunchback look.

I realize there are rental services, but for $65 I can buy a cheap-ish consignment stroller that I wont have to worry about if/when my daughter blows chunks all over it. … which, unfortunately, would not be an unprecedented occurrence. (I’m lookin’ at you, Disney Princesses)

Plus, I can always turn around and re-consign it and make something back

Next up, boarding the creatures. (The 4 legged ones, that is)

Here’s hoping I wake up after the buttcrack of dawn tomorrow. As often as i’ve met 5am, I still think she’s a bitch.

Accio Serenity!!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Sticky Planning

  1. Hope you are going somewhere warm, sunny and that has excellent babysitting facilities and serve amazballs drinks with pretty cocktail sticks. (Ps I’m a shortarse, so used to love the smurf like strollers, except for the fact I was hefting a boy toddler who was almost half my height at the age of 3.) Tall peeps need tall strollers, ain’t no doubt.


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