Just So You Know

Recently I went to a friend’s house to have a MNI. (Moms night IN) She recently had an adorable little baby and is being held hostage by can’t be expected to forgo sleep for booze yet in the form of a Moms Night Out. We had a great time, lots of laughing and baby holding, […]

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Trip Tidbits

There was so much to experience on our vacay that I had to come back and write some more! … that and my kid is next door at a bday party, so rather than socialize with the family, I will sit in my corner and rock – aka write. My Orlando Vacation Top 10 Best […]

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Thrills and Chills

I learned a few things on my family vacation to Orlando. Never evereverever fly into Salt Lake City, UT. Unless you like to simulate terrifying zero gravity jet drops and side to side dips and jerks. Then it’s all ok. There was a poor woman with her three children in the row across and back […]

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Nearly There

We are in final countdown mode. I have completed getting myself ready by visiting a chiropractor over the last week. The last visit was terrifying. Up until now we’ve just done small minor adjustments … babysteps, if you will. There is an interesting table I lay on that gets pumped up with a hair salon […]

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Chinese Water Torture

For me it takes the form of a mirror. Namely, the mirror you have to sit and stare into as you are bedecked in an awful velcro cape, while having your hair cut. The lighting is too bright, and that’s about the time I start telling myself I need to wear make up more often…. […]

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Days ‘Til

We are in countdown mode. Well …. I am. My kids aren’t really. Here’s a tip for y’all. When planning a big family vacation, make sure to do it near a holiday so a-you are frazzled for sure, II-you are ensuring your own crazy by not being able to ever fully focus on one event, […]

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Back n Crack

If you have back probs, you might relate to this, if not, i’ll try not to hold it against you out of sheer jealousy. After 2 visits to my new adventures in Chripracting, I am feeling amazingly better. Fantastically lovely. It has not completely changed my life, but it definitely has made a difference in […]

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Pack This, Buddy.

scarymommy.com posted a very apropos comic today: I couldn’t think of a single more appropriate and relate able thought today. As i’ve lost sleep the last *&(^ nights to the running lists in my head of all the shit that has to get done before we leave. One conversation seems to really paint the mental […]

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