Bone Head

Or back, as it were. I’ve recently boarded the Chiropractor train. I had a full scan and work up to see what we’re dealing with and today I got my results. The old “sit down”.

Turns out I am one of the 10%-ers (according to who have an L6 vertebra. This means virtually nothing.

But now I know. It doesn’t help my lower back problems, certainly, but it doesn’t cause anything, either. Perhaps it’s why i’m giftedly vertical? I dunno. At any rate, I started my health plan with the doc today. It was very interesting. I have a hard time buying into all the lingo and voodoo associated with the sell of a care plan. There’s lots of information I was given today and I retained maybe 10% of it. Spinal cords, spines, pinching, alleviating, chambers, blah blah blah. Turns out most of my issues are in my middle back, and not my lower… despite ALL the daily pain coming from my lower back.

So I laid down face first while he worked me from the back…without so much as a drink or dinner first!

I didn’t get an actual adjustment, he just used his tool on me.

(he hehehehehe)

It looked like a spring loaded syringe with a rubber bottom. (At least he was safe) He popped it onto various points of my back and it seems to have done something. We’ll see. We are starting slow and safe in lieu of the upcoming monster vacation where I will be walking and walking … and walking and walking for six days. I have high hopes! I’m going to buy into the logic of it and just cross my fingers it works for the best as opposed to my normal cynical, doubtful, skeptic outlook. I’m curious which will serve me better.

Namaste, snap crackle and pop 🙂

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