Days ‘Til

We are in countdown mode. Well …. I am. My kids aren’t really. Here’s a tip for y’all. When planning a big family vacation, make sure to do it near a holiday so a-you are frazzled for sure, II-you are ensuring your own crazy by not being able to ever fully focus on one event, 3 – once the holiday arrives, the kids nearly forget about the vacation!

So now i’m anticipating it, though still not 100% prepared, and they are not. And i’m at least intelligent enough to keep my mouth shut and enjoy that i’m the only one flopping down on the couch in angst over how many days are still left. I’m not flopping down atop 2 other bodies sighing and moaning and bitching…. i do it enough for all three of us 🙂

But seriously. I’m at the point where i’m about to get over-prepared. I cannot buy one more stitch of clothing for my daughter. I can’t justify it. The rest of us are pretty set. I have been feeling conflicted about wanting to research the park to the nth degree so I know how to utilize our time. .. but I also wanted to be surprised and wonder at all the newness of it in my brain.

Hard to oooh and aaaahh when you’ve researched where to find shade, where to find the bathrooms, which ride to go on at what time of day.

One kid is already on spring break, which isn’t helping my desire for wanting to bust out of these walls on a daily basis. She has hit the 4.5 mark now. I think until about 6 their brains shut down every six months to digest all the changes and growing and mapping that is happening in their little brains. This shows on the outside as possession. Body snatching. Place-switching with “that kid”.

I suppose I have it coming, as i’ve always said what an easy and great kid she is…. and she is … until now. Now she’s the kid that openly defies me in front of people, behind people. She’s sweet one second, then Madam Cranky Pants emerges and craps on the party. She’s started really finding her groove with annoying her brother, who in turn gives it right back.

This is not news, it’s just my recent news. Little Miss Sunshine has become Little Miss Hemorrhoid.

Margaritas help immensely  (a prescription for me, not her)

So I will now go and toil some more over my iPhone lists and iPad playlists for the trip that seems to be never getting here.

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