I’ve finally done it. I made a reservation for our family to go a’campin’. In other words, we are about to spend a whole lotta money to be homeless for a weekend. Maybe the kids will appreciate all the plug in devices after this trip?…… yea right. I just need to go find a beekeepers […]

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Bathroom Birds

(Pre-script) Friday: anxiously trek out to the preschool field trip location only to find the field trip isnt until Monday. So completely blow the opportunity to have the happy child at school on the longest day of the week, which will only be offered 2 more times. End up having a pretty cool time anyway. […]

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Li’l Bit Bitter

My husband is away this weekend…. bastard. My kids were so excited yesterday about Mother’s Day. So much that my son told me he’d have a hard time sleeping. I informed him this is direct conflict with the idea of Mother’s Day. “Sleeeeeep! That’s what I want you to do for me tomorrow. Sleep IN.” […]

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Front Door Do-Over

This was my first home improvement project! I really like how it turned out, so i thought i’d share. I had a vague idea in my head with certain specific details of what I wanted. I wanted a bold color that stood out, but wasnt completely out of line with our house color.  (dusty blue) […]

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Here’s my little reminder to meself: Do NOT take Flonase at night! I did it once before ans was restless all night. My husband, however, claimed it was not an issue for him. I figured maybe i had some caffeine that night and imagined the whole insomnia/restless ‘sleep’ episode…. I’ve been getting sinus headaches, so […]

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The Keys To The Kingdom

The keys have been handed over to the kids. The husband is out of town for work, and it’s just the 3 Amigos here. It’s a rare sunny gorgeous day in the Pacific North West, and i’m hoping to make the most of it! a.k.a. Blend a Pina Colada, lock all of us outside, and […]

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