The Keys To The Kingdom

The keys have been handed over to the kids. The husband is out of town for work, and it’s just the 3 Amigos here. It’s a rare sunny gorgeous day in the Pacific North West, and i’m hoping to make the most of it!

a.k.a. Blend a Pina Colada, lock all of us outside, and let the good times roll. Kids fighting? Don’t care. It’s daytime. If any of the neighbors are napping, i’m sorry. My kids are going to be turned loose within the confines of our property, and that’s that. I will not be bothered by bickering. I will not be annoyed by nagging. If I need a minute, I get to go inside the house while they work it out Lord of the Flies style.
(the toys outside are all plastic, so everyone has a fairly safe and even shot at each other)

I might do some gardening, i might not.

I might roll down a newly mown grassy hill … dodging doggie *bombs*, i might not…. i may toss a kid down the grassy possibly poopy hill, i may not… but most likely will


This is going to be a beautiful spring outside play day while one adult is on duty for upwards of a week. Time to stock the liquor cabinet and my resolve.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone! Cheers!

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