Here’s my little reminder to meself: Do NOT take Flonase at night!

I did it once before ans was restless all night. My husband, however, claimed it was not an issue for him. I figured maybe i had some caffeine that night and imagined the whole insomnia/restless ‘sleep’ episode….

I’ve been getting sinus headaches, so decided to take it last night and give it another shot…


Here we are at 4am after being awake for 30 minutes. If i could kick myself in my own ass right now, i would. Im afraid it would take a few more chiropractic appointments before i could do that, however.

But seriously! Such a stupid reason not to sleep! Its a sad waste of horizontal dream time !! I have zero useful reason to be awake right now. The worst part is im tired. My eyeballs even feel exhausted, yet here I lie, pooped but unable to sleep. And now its passed the possibility of falling back asleep. Now the lists are running in my brain.

“Whats next for dealing with my son’s school? Why is their communication with home SOOO bad?”

“I wonder what the vet will say about the dog..why is he acting so strange? Should i be preparing for an earthquake/flood/zombie apocolypse?!”

“What’s that noise?”

“Should i go investigate that noise?”

And on and on it goes.

So the next time im weighing a sinus headache during the day, or all night wakefulness i’ll just choose the headache.

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