Front Door Do-Over

This was my first home improvement project! I really like how it turned out, so i thought i’d share.

I had a vague idea in my head with certain specific details of what I wanted. I wanted a bold color that stood out, but wasnt completely out of line with our house color.  (dusty blue)

My favorite color is purple, but I couldnt bring myself to actually do that to the neighbors. (There is obviously no HOA. Just faith the neighbors wont be stupid)

My first choice was purple, then lime green, and finally Benjamin Moore Caribe Green. (Kind of a dark aqua)

It should be noted i’ve painted a wall or two, but never a front door, especially not a (poorly) painted front door.

After consulting with a paint pro, i found out no sanding was necessary. (woo hoo!!) Also, i had read removing the door is not advised due to the wood shifting/settling and it never fitting back in the same. Another ‘whew!’ moment.

First thing was removing the kick plate. I had to wood putty the screw holes. I was very proud of this. Later i found though i was told sanding wouldnt be necessary, i regretted not doing it. The paint went over a bit rough. (I also washed the door)

Next I taped up and started the scary process! (My husband was away on business and i did not tell him i was doing this. He’s a photoshop/plan/question/plan/photoshop/paint chip kind of person and i’m very not. 🙂

“What’s with the random taped panel, Sarcasmica?” You will see, my pretties..

The next morning i got to work

My first go at this, I did not paint the actual fram by the door. I was afraid of over-aqua-ing. I knew I could go back later and add, versus painting white over the aqua if I didn’t like it.

At this point (above) Im starting to wonder what the hell i was thinking…then i added my main goal: The Chalkboard!

I originally thought i’d leave a ‘frame’ around it, and also i didnt paint the door/window light inset. After a day of mulling it over, i went back and filled in the ‘frame’ and added paint on the inset of the door & window light. I’m so glad I did it this way, as I was able to visually experience both options.  I like the second one (below) with more color much better than the first – without the frame painted.

NOW im lovin it! The only thing I would do differently is to use a paintbrush for the Rustoleum Chalkboard paint. I used a roller and when it dried, there were little bubbles. I waited 24hrs before “curing” it with the chalk, and now the board is bumpy instead of smooth. (if you zoom in, you might see it looks speckled). I can still go over it with another layer and make it smooth… perhaps next weekend. For now , this DIYer is DONE)


And then I kept tweaking it … and kept tweaking. I roped my husband into changing out the door knob – dark brushed metal, and then I added some white lights around my little white birdcage/stand beside the door, along with some bottles…. i don’t really know why. I guess Pinterest gets through by osmosis. Now if I could have it infect my kitchen brain part, i’ll be winning. My next project is painting a cute little decorative chair I found at a thrift store today. … maybe i’ll just do another post instead of updating this one 🙂

door pic

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