“Spy” Review

This movie was great. I loved everything about it. Jude Law I can do without, but the whole premise of it was awesome.

Let me preface this by saying I had the highest of hopes for Bridesmaids and while I thought it was a cool movie, I did NOT understand the overabundant raving about this film. All female cast? I’m in. Comedy on all levels, done. Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Maya Rudolph (to name only a few)? Go go GO! But the story was sort of meandering sometimes and inconsistent. Overall, totally recommend renting, but the hooplah was over my head.

I completely appreciate Melissa McCarthy’s role in this film, Spy. She is the epitome of overlooked and understimated. The best part is that she is never called out for her size or age or height, and while it’s virtually impossible not to assume it’s a size thing, that stops mattering. As a big chick myself, I can appreciate and belly laugh at some of the subtle comedy in pointing out how us “regulars” are treated on a daily basis when compared to a fluffed and folded streamlined model of a female human. And let’s be 100% clear, she would be criticized for something. She’s female. Any leading woman, especially in comedy I feel, is always judged or assessed first after a full inventory of the outside, and only then do we go deeper. And it’s almost as if the more genius in the genre, the more critically and deeper we go for flaws.

Back to the movie. Just go see it. The story was fun and consistent. The cast was committed and brilliant. Jason Statham, fantastic. Melissa McCarthy, so brave and magnificent. Who else will you love from the homophobic aunt wig to the kick ass sex pot wig?!

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