How It’s Going

I wanted to record my son’s journey with the meds. Mostly because there is SUCH a stigma with it all. Like, debilitating. As a parent you always want what’s best for your child. Always. When you find out you have a kid who’s going to go through life with constant struggle and frustration for something […]

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Bird Brain

I began volunteering last week. I found an incredible place near my house that cares for rescued pet and breeder parrots. Last week was slow and awkward as im not yet sure what/where/how to do everything, all the while dodging beaks and wings. This week was not much different except I wore a black shirt. […]

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Pins and Pills

We started our son on Adderall today. This is one of those phrases you thought you’d never say as a parent. I was against medication …. until about two hours ago. Not really. More like up until about two weeks ago. Giving him his first dose felt a little like pulling a grenade pin, and […]

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I’m Pretty Cool

This has been something I’ve been working on this past year, more knowingly than not. I must say, it’s feeling good. When you’re born into a biome, you grow into it. (take a minute while I have a sip of coffee to contemplate that) There are aspects of you that will emerge despite your environment, […]

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Losing My Mind & Hair

I have conquered two sessions with the trainer The Trainer so far.  GOOO ME! The first one left me crippled for two days. That was rough. Especially because I cannot even get to my front door without going up four steps. Then, if I actually want a shower or change of clothes, or to fall […]

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Pain & Gain

I started with a personal trainer. Here are some revelations that occurred afterwards: Throwing up during a work out seems like it would be painfully embarrassing. Especially since i’m certain she’d make me still complete the circuit. I was SOOOOO happy not to be driving a stick shift. (I took a spinning class a couple […]

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Carnival Revelation

Showers. That’s my revelation. I was standing in line with my kids today at the Ferris wheel at the world’s most expensive carnival. As i’m calculating the cost of three of us riding the rusty, creaky, deadly contraption ($3.75/ticket one ticket per person per ride) it dawned on me. Imagine how much more money we […]

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Tents and Tantrums

We did it! Family camping trip #1, conquered 🙂 I’m happy to say there are not even any crazy stories to relay. My life is splendidly boring right now! Well … as far as a blog goes, it’s boring. There are far more interesting conflicts one should not write publicly about for fear said written […]

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