Tents and Tantrums

We did it! Family camping trip #1, conquered 🙂

I’m happy to say there are not even any crazy stories to relay. My life is splendidly boring right now! Well … as far as a blog goes, it’s boring. There are far more interesting conflicts one should not write publicly about for fear said written issues will come back to bite me square on the derriere.

Good news:

Kid 1 got his braces off! WOO HOOO!!!! TWO YEARS of braces on a now 9 year old was not fun times. The craziest thing about it is once they were off, I got to see all of his permanent teeth in an even row.
(no shit, Sarcasmica)
But he had baby teeth when we started, and as soon as a permanent one came in – BAM! – they’d slap a brace and wire on it and we’d move right along at a snails pace forward. So now he’s a 9 year old with what looks like a full set of dentures every time he smiles. :oD

Secondly, I found out today that I get to nix my 2nd blood pressure med. WOOOO HOOOOO!!! Since going on the second one, i’ve lost and kept off 15lbs or so and it seems that has so far done the trick. Relief.

Thirdly, I had a chiro assessment today to see where i’m at after three months of 3 & 2x/week adjustments. I have a clean bill of health and was told it’s “night and day” and everyone is happy with how far I’ve come so quickly. This news is rare to come by for us and i’m relishing it.

Fourthly, the kiddo gets to finally ‘graduate’ from his occupational therapy after 1x/week sessions for the last two years. HALE-frickin-LUJAH!!!

and lastly, I have apparently bumped my head and given myself brain damage because i am in the works to set up personal training to whip my rhinoceros butt into some kind of shape…. hopefully more of an apple shape and less like a marshmallow. Pray for me.  🙂

Current conflicts that are write-able at the moment:

To medicate or not to medicate my ADHD kid. He’s mild compared to most and it’s really just the worst at school, so we are looking into dialing it all in while he’s home and observed. … touchy subject wrought with stigma and anxiety as a parent. We are still figuring it out.

My superstar daughter has somehow managed not to get accepted and pushed through to public kindergarten this year. This is a bitter and sore subject for me. Mostly because I don’t want to pay the money for preschool, and second mostly because she’s right where all the incoming kinders need to be to start…. but this school district will only admit them passed the cut off date if they are in the 95th percentile for abilities. …. don’t even get me started.

So now we are having to look into private kindergarten. Private. Kindergarten. How ridiculous is that ?!

Fourth of July went well for us. We got to light fireworks, no one lost a finger or a nose. My son even lit a couple on his own! (with one ear covered with his shoulder and one foot already running the other direction) But he did it! Success!

All in all it’s been a great summer and we are even looking into squeezing in another camping trip! I don’t know who these kids are that are allowing and helping all these wonderful things happen, but I will gladly keep them !

-one happy and satisfied momma.

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