Losing My Mind & Hair

I have conquered two sessions with the trainer The Trainer so far. 


The first one left me crippled for two days. That was rough. Especially because I cannot even get to my front door without going up four steps. Then, if I actually want a shower or change of clothes, or to fall into a coma in my own bed, I have to go to the second floor. .. but I survived.

This week was much better. I’m still achy and sore, but I can sit and pee without needing a handicap railing beside me in the bathroom.

It’s all about where you set your standards.

So I’ve been on a bit of a kindergarten saga as of late. It’s occupied a lot of my time and brain cells, along with camping and summer school for the other kid, and just being plain awesome. My daughter was assessed and found lacking by the district. She is 11 days passed the age cutoff for entering Kinder this year. They test their IQ to determine whether or not they will wave the age restriction. Here’s the summary:

“Incoming kinders test between 85-110. Your daughter tested at 106, which is great! … however she would need to have a 125 to be waved through.”


Long story short, we had to find a private school if we wanted to push her to do kindergarten. I took her yesterday to a private school off of my handy-dandy excel spreadsheet. I had made a list of about 10 “local” (i.e. not actually nearby) possibilities. I made an appointment for her to be assessed and later found out I was choosing off the wrong line. The school below this one was the one we could afford.

I swear to God, y’all, my brain is mush. And I don’t even really have a terrific reason why. I’m beginning to suspect i’m just stupid. How does one waste so much time and energy and not even recheck the facts?

Stupidity. That’s how.

So she met with the teacher anyway who deemed her unworthy of kindergarten admittance because “she isn’t a reader.”

….. she isn’t a reader after preschool, so she isn’t ready for kindergarten…. where they learn to read….

This whole thing has me seeing 50 Shades of Anger Management.

I gave up the ghost. I cant even say i’m that ashamed to admit it, either. I enrolled her in a pre-K that actually is just around the corner.

Also, we have decided to begin medicating our son. This is a long and hard fought battle to come to this decision. It was not at all taken lightly or easily. Medicating a kid is never something decided easily. For various reasons I wont go into now. Let’s just say i’m living with the decision and i’m certainly not excited about it … at all. But i’m convinced my son’s well being and growth is definitely worth it…. but i don’t wanna.

So I had an appointment made for this week. I was certain next week was the last of his summer school. He informed me I was wrong on Monday….. and after checking this, found he was correct. This is his final week.

The head is thankfully attached to my body. I have not burned down the house yet. It seems these are the bars for success for me lately.

So I called to reschedule my kid’s appointment since missing one arbitrary day is not as bad as missing the last day of school. I thought his appointment was made for Thursday.

So I rescheduled. As I looked at my calendar, I realized I actually correctly made his appointment for a great day and time and had to call back to re-re-schedule it.

I can’t even right now. I think this is the literal definition of that vague term. I. CANT. EVEN.

I can’t even keep a recorded appointment straight.
I can’t even read an excel spreadsheet right.
I can’t even keep a three week school schedule understood.
I can’t even.

In a bout of rebellion, I found myself alone for two hours today so I drove to the local chop shop = Hair Masters and cut about 6 inches of hair off. I love it. It’s thinning out anyway, and the initial cut is way too short given my natural bouncy curls, but in a month it’ll be the perfect length.

As I told the stylist, “My hair has started really thinning out. I’d be a lot happier if this would happen to the rest of my body as well.”

It was as if she has heard this once or twice before.

2 thoughts on “Losing My Mind & Hair

  1. I was a kid who was started young in kindergarten and to this day I wish my parents hadn’t. Being smart enough is different than being at the same social maturity level and that was something that was sometimes challenging, so even if your daughter doesn’t start kindergarten for a year, when she does she’ll likely be one of the more mature rather than less mature kids in her class.


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