Bird Brain

I began volunteering last week. I found an incredible place near my house that cares for rescued pet and breeder parrots. Last week was slow and awkward as im not yet sure what/where/how to do everything, all the while dodging beaks and wings. This week was not much different except I wore a black shirt. Suddenly lots of birds were interested, and two even danced with me! One of whom offered some of his/her breakfast hot from the gullet which i politely refused.

Unless it was just an “oh yea, her. She’s back”, i found it quite interesting how many feathered friends i made today.  I’ve even comitted to adding another day of work with them. 

Todays interesting happs were:

1. African Grey bite

2. Dancing macaws

3. Avoided the toe munchers

4. Got The Big Guy to look interested in me and even chatter a little!


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