2 Jocks and an Emo

Parenting the oldest is like skydiving without a parachute sometimes. Tonight my son came downstairs because: A. He didnt want to sleep B. He physically could not sleep C. He held out on a story too long and had to spill the beans D. He actually went right to sleep The answer… a&c. So it […]

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I’m staring down the barrel of 4th grade for my son, and pre-K for my daughter…. I have found a weird limbo lately and i’m not sure I like it. I am all too aware how fast my kids are growing. I cannot live *there*, though. Who can?! Who can live in the perpetual “This […]

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Wah Wah Wah

I havent had a cold in a long time. Now I do and this sucks donkey balls!!! I held out hope yesterday it was just a sinus reaction to the fires here that have caused thousands and thousands of acres to burn unchecked.  The air here is thick and brown and stinky. Sadly, there is […]

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Boom Chi – KABOOM!

This chica went a’ Boom. You know you are old when you fall down and can’t immediately bounce back up and laugh it off. In my case, there was no bounce, just “Thud”. .. possibly a crunch. Here’s the deal; My husband and I spent a stupid amount of time Sunday clearing out one of […]

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Trippy Birds

I have learned so much in the short time i’ve been volunteering at the parrot sanctuary. Mostly that I have a healthy appreciation for those beaks. I have learned i’m slow to take on directions when there are 100 screaming squaking beaks around me. I have learned the value of bribery. I thought it was […]

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No Canoe For You!

We did it. Second camping trip of the summer. WOOOOT! The first trip was a site four hours away beside the Pacific Ocean. It was amazing. It was beautiful, buggy, hot, dirty and rainy. (one of the mornings) Trip #2 was beside a lake, Deep Lake to be exact. It was very cool. We had […]

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Sooooo… We did it!    My husband toiled and troubled at a dealership for an entire day to make this happen. He began at 10 am and we all left together in our 4×4 at 9:30pm. Craaazay. It was a strange manic day driving down to meet him with the kids and look at our […]

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Mid Life Carsis

I think i’m having a mid life crisis… or ‘car’sis, as it were. Three years ago I went to the dark side. No, not the car lot – although it is a rather dark and scary place – the mini van driver’s seat. I have always thought of myself as an out-of-the-box type. I like […]

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