Sooooo… We did it!

My husband toiled and troubled at a dealership for an entire day to make this happen. He began at 10 am and we all left together in our 4×4 at 9:30pm.

Craaazay. It was a strange manic day driving down to meet him with the kids and look at our options. Dealerships and kids dont mix, but this one at least had free hot chocolate and a play area. 

So now im having some post trade shock. Our daughter took saying farewell to the van the hardest. She had a name for it. 

My brain this morning: 

“Did that happen?!”

“What are we going to do without that extra space?”

“How are we fitting our camping gear?”

“What the hell did we do?!”

and then i see it out the front window and i say, “Thats ours, and that is totally awesome.”

Not to mention the kids totally loving it. Driving home last night at dusk with the top off was so fun. I cant wait to figure out how to take it off road. Off roof, off doors, off road.

Yeee haw!


R.I.P. ‘Blackberry’ the Quest. You did good for a minivan. Time to move on to some fun, aka ‘Sharky’

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